Category: Internet society

A miracle that rings a Bell

A big companies hold their heads up high and only collaborate to avoid someone taking over their market, a piece of the tech world does the opposite. Thankfully, the legendary Bell labs were part of the latter team.

Language wars and elitism in programming

For many, the purpose of the language is secondary and what matters is the reputation of the language itself. However others see those differences as features separating “worthy” languages from “unworthy” ones.

Scary big bro

In the world of Linux, it’s easy to get lost in the middle of all the different distributions or “flavours”. However, there are two which make up an interesting part of the community: Arch and Manjaro.

ideal Ideals

Hackers, be it white hats or black hats seem to have some common principles under which they operate. How much of them are followed in practice are however an other story.

Professional lies

Images can be deceptive, be it the image of a profession, or of a whole country. Cliches do have foundations however, so what is it really that shapes how IT professionals are viewed?

Pov on nPow

The Web is vast and wishes to be unregulated. While the absence of an Internet law is part of its strength, it could also benefit from some behavioural principles to avoid becoming a total anarchy.