Professional lies

Images can be deceptive, be it the image of a profession, or of a whole country. Cliches do have foundations however, so what is it really that shapes how IT professionals are viewed?

Electronic politics

Luxembourg is a small country, but don’t be fooled by the size. Its ability, resources and reputations make it second to none when it comes to hopping on the innovation train. One of its most important prowesses? The Estonian Digital Embassy.

Pov on nPow

The Web is vast and wishes to be unregulated. While the absence of an Internet law is part of its strength, it could also benefit from some behavioural principles to avoid becoming a total anarchy.

Design and Conquer

Good design is invisible, but getting attention for your application by frustrating the user is not a good way to promote your designer. Learn what not to do from the pros, and marvel in front of beautiful usability from a surprising company.